Rachel Helphenstine

Client Care Coordinator

Rachel grew up in the Baltimore area and has lived in Towson for most of her life. Over time, her heart has been drawn to work with vulnerable people. Through her undergraduate education at Towson University and for several years after, she worked for an organization called Young Life locally and regionally. At Young Life, she was focused on leading college volunteers, mentors and adolescents through their critical years of seeking purpose and meaning. She was particularly drawn to the community of teenagers with disabilities with whom she had the opportunity to form friendships, and advocate for.

Whether they are vulnerable because of their age, physical abilities, or cognitive level, Rachel believes each person has been uniquely gifted and created by God. She originally met Danny O’Brien, Avila’s Founder and CEO, through Grace Fellowship Church, and admires the way Avila Home Care aligns with her own values and heart.

Rachel’s favorite part about working with Avila is that at the end of the day, she knows that the logistical and detailed scheduling she is doing is ultimately making a significant difference in the quality of life that Avila’s clients are experiencing. Rachel shares “I love learning more about the life journey of my elderly clients, and I also enjoy regularly sharing with Avila’s Caregivers how meaningful and life-changing their work is to the clients that they care for.”

In her spare time, Rachel loves cooking, running, attempting to keep her succulents alive, and doing house projects with her husband Ian. She loves Baltimore and the vast experiences that the city has to offer. Rachel and her husband plan on establishing deep roots in Baltimore, and look forward to what God has in store for them in this season of life.

Rachel Helphenstine