Sherri Edmondson

Client Care Coordinator

Sherri has been caring for seniors for nearly 25 years in a variety of settings, including long term care, nursing homes, hospitals and hospice. “I feel deeply in my heart that caring for others is what I’m here to do.”

Sherri was inspired at a young age to serve others, when she would take on small jobs in her Baltimore neighborhood and run errands to help the elders who weren’t able to help themselves. “I felt a sense of satisfaction and happiness knowing that I helped them with the things they were unable to do.” Once she graduated from high school, Sherri became a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), and then took the Maryland State exam to become a Geriatric Nursing Assistant (GNA).

“Throughout my long career, I’ve been grateful to not only take exceptional care of my patients, but also to support their loved ones during what can be a difficult time for families.”

Sherri began her career working for two years at Stella Maris, a nonprofit in Timonium, Maryland that provides health services and offers senior living.
From there, Sherri began working at GBMC Hospital in 1997 for nearly 20 years, where she felt compelled to pursue a national certification as a Certified Hospice Palliative Nursing Assistant (CHPNA). During her last several years of working with GBMC, Sherri also started working with Gilchrist Hospice, where she stayed for six years, and became certified as a Hospice Aide Scheduler, a Caring Touch Provider and Skin Care Champion.

“My education and training, along with a quarter century of caring for seniors, has led me to a profound understanding of what it means to serve with love and compassion. Seniors and their families deserve to be honored with the utmost respect and dignity, and I feel blessed and grateful every day that my work with seniors is not just a job, but a calling.”

Sherri met Danny O’Brien, Avila’s Founder and CEO, through her interview process at Avila Home Care. “Once I interviewed with Danny and he shared all the wonderful things that Avila Home Care has to offer, I fell in love with the fact that Avila not only shares the same values as me, but they put those values into action by serving others- which is what I’ve done my entire career and envision doing for the rest of my life.”

Sherri is a Client Care Coordinator, and spends a great deal of time and attention matching one of Avila’s wonderful Caregivers with each client, and working with them to set up a schedule that meets their family’s needs.

Sherri is a mother of two beautiful children, which has further compelled her to serve with unconditional love and a true sense of empathy for others. One of Sherri’s favorite hobbies is bike riding with friends, which helps her to have a regular exercise routine and is a great stress reliever. She also likes to watch movies, go shopping and spend time with her family and friends as much as possible.

Sherri Edmondson_Client Care Coordinator