Transportation Considerations When Aging in Place

Getting around becomes more difficult as you age, but this shouldn’t prevent you from aging in place enjoyably. Here, the experts at Avila Home Care provide tips on how to get around safely and comfortably.

The popularity of suburban living has created a dependence on quick and easy transportation. Unfortunately, our ability to drive and navigate the roads safely can fade as we age. This means many who age in place may eventually lose their ability to drive themselves. But this does not mean that seniors who choose to age in place must lose their independence when traveling outside of the home.

While many cities are attempting to create suburban areas that are more senior-friendly, there are other senior transportation options available. Fortunately, there are many safe and practical alternatives for transportation in Maryland, which ensure that senior citizens can get from place to place long after driving is no longer an option.


For those with disabilities that are unable to ride fixed route public transportation such as traditional buses, light-rail, or subway routes, mobility/paratransit is available within three-quarters of a mile from any fixed route service in Baltimore city or Baltimore and Anne Arundel Counties.  The fare for this transportation option is currently only $1.90 for a one-way trip.

Reduced Fare Card Program

Seniors 65 and older can ride any Maryland fixed-route public transportation for one-third the regular cost, and ride the MARC train for one-half the cost. However, you must have photo ID, disability ID or a Medicare card to apply for the discount.

Maryland Department of Transportation Resources

If you are still able to drive, but have difficulty pumping gas, MDOT provides a list of gas stations that provide attendants to assist you. The list includes the address, phone number, and gas brand name.

Local Transportation

If you live in a particularly rural county, public transportation options may be limited. For a detailed list of options available in your area, view the list here.

Other Transportation Options

Aging in place is a great way to maintain independence, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever ask for help. Asking friends and family for a ride not only helps you get from A to B, but provides opportunities for bonding time with your loved ones. You can also start a carpool with other seniors in your area who are still able to drive; coordinating your grocery, bank, and other trips as necessary to save time.

If you have the means, hiring a driver can be a great option when you have many places to go each day. If you are less able to hire a personal driver, Uber and Lyft are good alternatives when going somewhere local.

Getting older does not mean that you lose the ability to get out of the house. With a little research and planning, getting around while aging in place can be convenient and inexpensive. For more information on aging in place, contact the experts at Avila Home Care today.

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