Our Caregivers

Avila's Caregivers provide Extraordinary Care with
Exceptional Kindness.

Avila Home Care is honored to have over 250 experienced and dedicated Caregivers on our team who consider their service a calling. Our community of Caregivers go the extra mile to affirm the human dignity of our clients, and demonstrate genuine love to your family.

Avila Caregivers

Donald Ely is our Caregiver of the Month for August 2021!

  Avila Home Care is pleased to announce that Donald Ely is our Caregiver of the Month for August 2021! Donald has been faithfully serving with Avila since November of 2017.  He brings compassion and the utmost professionalism to serving Avila’s clients every day.  Donald is well-liked by his clients and is very committed to…

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Toute Sweet- Avila Caregiver Molly Hartsfield’s Tasty Treats!

Molly Hartsfield brings all the sweet love and care to her Avila clients just like she does when baking her delicious treats! From festively decorated chocolate-covered fruit, to scrumptious “pop-cakes” and dipped pretzels, Molly brings joy to all those with whom she shares her treats. It’s no wonder her clients adore her! “I’ve done things…

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