How Aging in Place Benefits Seniors

Placing elderly family members into assisted living facilities has been an accepted standard for over a decade, but “aging in place” has once again become a popular trend for senior citizens. How can aging in place help seniors live out their lives in joy and comfort?

Senior living arrangements have evolved over the years, transforming from aging among direct or extended family, to aging in a living facility or nursing home. Now, aging in place within the comforts of one’s own home is a viable and popular alternative. There are myriad benefits for seniors aging in place, a few of which are listed and described below.

Independence, Dignity, and Self Esteem

Retirement can be a difficult time for the elderly, with many feeling like they may have lost a sense of worth or purpose upon completion of their career. This difficulty is compounded by leaving their home and staying in a living facility, which can infantilize and frustrate seniors. Allowing elderly family to age in place lets them continue to hold on to feelings of independence and dignity. Such boosts to emotional well-being will make their retirement years far more enjoyable, and can even add years to their life. This also allows them to remain a fixture of their community—maintaining ties and bonds can further increase the quality of their final years.

Safety and Wellness

First instinct may be to assume that an elderly family member is safer at a living facility or nursing home, but in reality these places can detrimentally impact senior health and safety. Being in close quarters with other seniors, many of whom may be ill, can cause infection and bacteria to spread rapidly. Overcrowding can lead to less one-on-one care for each resident, and feelings of homesickness will do nothing to improve the health and happiness of your beloved senior.

With the bevy of reliable, quality homecare options available, there is no need to fear for the safety and quality of life of seniors aging in place. Outfitting a seniors’ house with safety equipment (such as railings and emergency alarms) will also ensure their aging in place experience is a safe one.

Comfort and Family Ties

Oftentimes, nursing homes and living facilities are uncomfortable places to visit an elderly family member. Visiting a senior in the comfort of their own home is a more pleasant experience for the family, and for the senior themselves. Who doesn’t want to wake up in the comfort of their own bed, have breakfast whenever they please, and choose the itinerary for their day? Major change can be devastating for all parties involved—save discomfort from being a common feeling, and encourage your loved ones to age in place.

Cost Benefits

Living facilities and nursing homes can be extremely expensive, when compared to at-home care and re-outfitting a home to accommodate senior needs. The financial burdens of out-of-home care do not need to prevent your elderly family member from enjoying their retirement years. Many seniors do not owe a mortgage on their home, making living in their own home easy and affordable. In-home care can also be hired hourly, meaning seniors have the flexibility to pay for care only when they need it. While not the first concern, the economy of aging in place should factor into a decision to keep elderly family members in their own home.

Choose aging in place, and help your loved ones golden years shine as brightly as they can. For more information on our specialized and certified in-home caregivers, contact Avila Home Care today!

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