Maintaining Your Independence While Aging in Place

Aging in place is the ideal way to maintain your independence and freedom as you grow older. Here, the home care experts at Avila describe how to maintain independence while aging in place.

Seniors often worry that with age comes a loss in independence. But, aging in place can help seniors to maintain their freedom throughout their later years. By staying in your own home, you can maintain a personal routine, run your own errands and stay close to the family and friends of your choosing. Further, being in a familiar place — surrounded by familiar people – can be a wonderful morale booster.

With that in mind, it is important to realize that asking for help does not make one less independent. Everyone requires assistance at some point, and there is no shame in asking, especially in situations that could negatively impact your health. There are some activities, such as driving a car, that can be dangerous to do if you have developed certain impairments. Accepting the help of friends, family, or community transportation services will keep you, and possibly those in your community, safe.

Sometimes, asking for help with some activities provides ways for you to be independent in other ways. If cleaning the house, running errands and preparing meals takes too long to get done in one day, having someone to help with one or a few tasks can help you to maintain independence in other areas. Enlisting the help of a home care provider is a wonderful way to accomplish this, as it allows you to do what you are able, and have them fill in where you need assistance. Scheduling your home care provider only when necessary, will also allow you to feel free to live your life without excessive intrusion.

Help does not always have to come in the form of a person; there are tools you can use to also maintain independence. There are many different types of medical alert products and security tools available to keep you safe while living alone. These discreet, easy to use tools do not make serious inroads on your freedom and independence, while giving loved ones peace of mind that you are safe and protected in case of an emergency.

Growing older does not mean forsaking freedom and independence: by aging in place and accepting a little help here and there, you will be free to enjoy your time as you please. Staying social, keeping up with favorite activities and performing day-to-day tasks, even if you require a bit of assistance, will help you feel like an independent, viable member of your community.

For more information about aging in place, and in-home care, contact the home care experts at Avila today.

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