Meet Jill Drees, Avila Home Care’s Director of First Impressions!

Headshot of Jill Drees, Avila Home Care's Director of First Impressions

Jill brings to Avila Home Care over 25 years of experience as a Caregiver and Counselor in private homes, assisting living settings and nursing homes.

Jill grew up in Baltimore County and in Northern Virginia. In 1993, she received her Master of Arts (MA) in Counseling from the University of Maryland. For eleven years, Jill worked as a Mental Health Counselor in Northern Virginia. She moved back to Maryland in 2004, and for the last 16 years she has focused on serving the senior community. “It seems that our elderly communities have tended to be more neglected than other populations in our culture, which has always been a concern for me. My life’s work has been to advocate for individuals who might “fall through the cracks” of our systems.”

Jill began working with seniors as a Patient Advocate at an assisted living facility in Anne Arundel County, and then in a nursing home in Annapolis, Maryland. Her role included supporting residents to ensure that their physical, mental and spiritual needs were being met.

Jill first met Danny O’Brien, Avila’s Founder and CEO, while attending a worship service at Grace Fellowship Church in 2007. In 2015, she became a Weekend Service Producer and worked directly with Danny and other pastors at the church.

As Avila Home Care’s Director of First Impressions, Jill is the first point of contact for prospective clients and their loved ones, as well as prospective Caregivers. “It is my honor to greet all clients and their loved ones, and Avila Caregivers, and to help them feel truly welcomed.” Jill connects all incoming calls and visitors to the appropriate staff member who can assist them, and provides them with links to Avila resources and other support networks in the broader community.

Jill is inspired every day by the team spirit, values and unparalleled compassion for seniors that she’s found at Avila Home Care. “I am happiest when people are well-cared for, and feel a sense of purpose and well-being. Until this happens, my work is not done.”

Jill’s parents reside in Baltimore County. Her older brother lives with his family in Pennsylvania, and her older sister in Northern Virginia. She is happy to live with her husband in Baltimore County, which she describes as “Home Sweet Home”. Jill loves international travel. As a teenager, she was an exchange student to Sweden, Australia and England, and enjoys keeping in touch with her host families and friends. Jill also delights in international cuisine, and especially loves to bake. Playing the piano brings her much joy, as does taking care of both indoor and outdoor plants, especially those that bloom!

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