Meet Sanarta Murray-Barry,
Human Resources Specialist at Avila Home Care

Sanarta originally hails from Brooklyn, New York and has extensive experience in human resources, sales and home health care. She began her career as a legal secretary in New York City, worked with a cold storage company in Atlanta, Georgia, and then moved back again to NYC to work for Pepsi, Co. In 2016, Sanarta moved with her family to Baltimore, working for GM Financial. Inspired to serve by the caregivers she met while her mother was in hospice, Sanarta reflects, “I wanted to be that person for families during their time of need.” Sanarta adores working with seniors, giving back to them for all that they have done, and revels in the wonderful advice and knowledge that they still share.

Sanarta decided to get her GNA/CNA and began working directly with clients, going on to get her Patient Care Tech certificate and working at St. Agnes Hospital.  When she was asked by Avila Home Care to become a Scheduling Coordinator, Sanarta was delighted with the opportunity, “I love being able to comfort families who reach out to Avila for support. We can sincerely say that we will find someone who will love and care for them or their loved ones, and that they no longer have to be anxious or worried.”

At the start of 2020, with Sanarta’s deep knowledge of Avila’s caregiving team and clients, she was offered the position of Human Resources Specialist. In her new role, she engages with every single caregiver applicant, and speaks with them at length to assess whether they are a superb match for working with Avila’s caregiving team and clients. Sanarta selects only those applicants whom she deems as stellar to interview with Avila’s Founder and CEO, Danny O’Brien. In addition to her role at Avila, Sanarta continues to work as a PRN with GBMC as needed, which provides on-going inspiration to her.

Sanarta has four children- ages 4, 7, 14 and 18, who she absolutely loves spending time with. She teaches bible study with her church group, and gets to use her Pastry Chef degree from the Art Institute of Atlanta from time to time when teaching cake decorating classes at Michaels.

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