Home Safety Modifications and Local Resources for Aging in Place in the Baltimore Area

As more Baltimore area seniors make the decision to age in place, Avila Home Care can help connect clients to the local resources they may need to thrive in the homes they love. Avila’s Leadership Team and Caregivers have decades of experience supporting our clients in their own homes. We understand the importance of basic safety and accessibility upgrades for the well being of not only our clients, but their friends and family.

The Baltimore County Department of Aging Community Resources 2021 directory serves adults, baby boomers, families, caregivers, persons with disabilities and professionals who serve the senior community. Pages 56 and 57 of the directory focus on Home Repairs, Modifications and Assistance resources in the Baltimore metropolitan area.

A new program launched by the Baltimore County Department of Aging in January 2021 called Baltimore County Age Friendly Upgrades for Seniors (BCAUSE) is featured in the directory. BCAUSE assists eligible older adult homeowners with minor home repairs, Occupational Therapy (OT) assessment and case management. They can be reached at 410-887-2594.

The Maryland Department of Aging has a program called “Accessible Homes for Seniors”, which provides 0% interest loans for accessibility improvements including the installation of grab bars, widening of doorways and building ramps. In Baltimore County, call Senior Information and Assistance at 410-887-2594 for more information.

Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS) are a great resource for assessing the safety of a home for aging in place, and recommending improvements. Home Safe Home is a Baltimore-area company that employs licensed physical and occupational therapists to conduct home safety assessments, and provides recommendations on solutions to enhance accessibility of the house, allowing for more independence of their clients. Home Safe Home then professionally installs the equipment and completes the relevant modifications- so it’s a great one stop shop for making aging in place home modifications for seniors.

Medical supplies and equipment may be necessary in the case a senior has acute or chronic health conditions, but they would still prefer to stay in their own home. Equipment can be rented instead of having to invest in a purchase, and often vendors will offer delivery and set up. Supplies including anything from blood pressure cuffs to walkers, and equipment for monitoring diabetes, oxygen levels and heart rate are available. Local companies such as Mid-Atlantic Medical Supply and Equipment offer free delivery and on-line or in-store purchases or rentals.

Avila Home Care is here to assist you and your loved ones navigate the many aspects of aging in place- please call us at 410-826-6100 for more information- we are here to help you!

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