Best Practices When Cooking for One

Cooking for one may seem like it is not worth the effort. The time and money many individuals associate with cooking for one may steer them away from making home-cooked meals and towards eating out instead. While cooking for one may require additional planning ahead of time, there are many benefits to picking up this lifestyle choice. Here, the home care providers at Avila Home Care discuss the best practices when cooking for one, and how it can spark creativity in the kitchen. 


Prepping Your Meals 

Many individuals overlook the meal planning and preparation process when attempting to cook for themselves. Most individuals are hesitant about cooking for one because they are afraid they will overspend and, ultimately, waste money and food. Below are a few tips that can alleviate this common issue: 


Make a Meal Plan 

Planning to cook specific recipes you would like to try each week helps ensure that you will not overspend at the grocery store. This will also help you save time, as you will have a better grasp of how long it will take to cook each meal beforehand. There are a variety of sample meal plans you can find online to help you stay on track with your goals and simplify the meal-prep process. To view a sample meal plan, click here.

Shop From the Bulk Section and Deli Counter 

In the grocery store, the bulk section and the deli counter can be a lifesaver when cooking for one. Bulk bins are typically priced more moderately than individually packaged items and allow you to obtain the exact amount of spices, nuts, flours and other bulk items that you need. In addition, some deli counters also sell single servings of meat and fish, such as ¼ lb of prawns instead of a frozen 1-pound bag. This helps you save money and avoid wasting food.


Get Creative With Cooking 

Cooking can serve as a creative outlet and, when cooking for one, you can make exactly what you want, when you want it. To ensure that you get the most out of your recipes, here are some of the best practices you can leverage when making your meals:


Change Up your Marinades and Spices 

Changing your marinades frequently can alleviate boredom and help you grow more adventurous in your cooking. The best part is, if your marinade does not turn out the way you like, the only person who will be disappointed is you! Getting creative with your sauces and spices can add flavor to boost your home-cooked meals to the next level.

Do Not Shy Away from Large Recipes

One thing that is bound to happen when cooking for one is dealing with leftovers. Do not feel like you have to limit your recipe searches to 1-2 servings. If a large meal looks delicious, make it! That way, you can enjoy leftovers for lunches the rest of the week, saving you time and money. 


Savor, Save and Share

You may think that cooking for one has a guarantee of food waste, but that is not always true. Getting creative with your extra food and leftover meals can be a significant source of satisfaction. 


Reinvent Leftovers 

If you have extra servings of dinner from the previous night, consider finding recipes that can utilize those leftovers. For example, repurposing the taco ingredients you made for dinner into a taco salad for lunch the next day keeps your taste buds happy prevents food waste.

Create Community

Just because you are cooking for one does not mean you have to eat alone. Making a large recipe and sharing with friends is a great way to repurpose your meal and build relationships. In addition, if you have excess produce left over from the week, offer it to your friends or neighbors. Community dinners and lunches could become a regular occurrence when you share your cooking with people you care about. 


Learn More With Avila Home Care

Cooking for one, especially as you age, can feel time-consuming and even wasteful. However, making meals can also spark creativity and motivate you to socialize. The home care providers at Avila Home Care offer a variety of services, including meal preparation and nutrition services. To learn more about how Avila can help you or a loved one stay healthy and happy, we encourage you to speak to one of our dedicated staff members today


The aging in place caregivers at Avila Home Care always encourage readers to discuss any health questions or concerns with a qualified healthcare professional.

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