Aging in Place in an Apartment


Independent apartment living offers many benefits such as less upkeep, easier mobility and easier access to neighbors and socializing opportunities. Aging in place in an apartment can relieve social and financial stress. Here, the home care providers at Avila Home Care discuss apartment living as a senior, and what one should look for when researching the right community.

Apartment Living Offers Amenities

Living in an apartment community as a senior can offer various convenient amenities that single-family houses or townhouses do not offer. For example, large spaces and staircases in houses can lead to confusion and falls. In addition, cleaning one’s house can become a hassle if the house is large and has several rooms. Apartment community living may provide the opportunity to enjoy services such as fitness centers, computer rooms and pools or common areas all within the comfort of an apartment complex. As one ages, mobility and transportation tend to become more difficult, so having these amenities where one resides can help seniors to continue to be active daily.

Apartment Living is Affordable

Taking care of a house as one ages can be a lot of work, and hiring outside companies to provide lawn and home care services can get expensive. Many apartment communities offer 24/7 maintenance to ensure issues are addressed in a timely manner.  Household maintenance costs can add up quickly, and as folks age, they may be unable to do all of the chores they once were able to do. Hiring a weekly or monthly cleaning service, mowing the lawn and cleaning gutters are all services one has to budget when living in a house, and these expenses can add up quickly. Apartment living, depending on the area and amenities, can be a much more affordable option for seniors, especially if one does not have a significant pension or source of income coming in.

Senior-Only Apartment Living

One of the biggest benefits of apartment living is that many communities cater directly to seniors. 55+ communities and other types of complexes geared towards seniors create their units with aging seniors in mind. For example, features such as barrier-free designs, emergency call systems and grab bars in bathrooms are standard in certain apartment communities, and make them a safe and secure option for seniors. In addition, many of these communities are built close to recreation and shopping areas so seniors are able to maintain an active and social lifestyle with ease. The accessibility of apartment living makes it a favorable option for seniors who desire aging in place rather than moving into a nursing home.

Learn More About Your Options with Avila Home Care

Downsizing to an apartment can offer many benefits and ensure seniors are comfortable in their place of residence as they age. The home care providers at Avila Home Care offer myriad services such as personal care, mobility care and support services to make the most of our clients’ daily routines and keep our seniors active. To learn more about Avila’s aging in place services and how they can be utilized for apartment living, speak to one of our dedicated staff members today.


The aging in place caregivers at Avila Home Care always encourage readers to discuss any health questions or concerns with a qualified healthcare professional.

Some content from this article was sourced from and Money U.S. News.


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