Toute Sweet- Avila Caregiver Molly Hartsfield’s Tasty Treats!

Molly Hartsfield brings all the sweet love and care to her Avila clients just like she does when baking her delicious treats! From festively decorated chocolate-covered fruit, to scrumptious “pop-cakes” and dipped pretzels, Molly brings joy to all those with whom she shares her treats. It’s no wonder her clients adore her!

“I’ve done things I never thought I’d have to do, but because I love my clients, I would do anything for them.” Molly reflects on her years of serving seniors, and how she has been blessed to learn and grow as a human being by following what God has called her to do with Avila Home Care.

Growing up in Trinidad, Molly describes a beautiful and tropical island. When some of her family moved to the United States, she visited them several times, and 20 years ago decided to make the move permanently.

Molly studied to be a social worker as she felt that helping people was where her heart was- she’d spent her life so far helping family, neighbors and her church community. While Molly was in college, her sister developed breast cancer, and Molly cared for her while also caring for her own young son. Then Molly had to have surgery for her breast cancer as well, and go through treatment. “It was a very difficult time, but that journey brought me to the Avila Home Care family, and for that I’ll be forever grateful.”

Molly met Danny O’Brien, Avila’s Founder and CEO through Grace Fellowship Church, and was delighted with the opportunity to become a Caregiver with Avila. “I’ve learned so much about myself doing this job, and it’s made a real difference in my life.”

Molly adores her clients and their families, and loves bringing happiness and joy to their lives. For her dementia clients, Molly often brings games and cards and coloring books to do with them. “Even though their minds and bodies work differently than they used to, they still have love in their hearts and thrive on connection- they are human beings and deserve empathy and kindness.” Molly recalls how one particular client who rarely spoke used to hug her and say thank you every time before she left his house.

When Molly first meets new Avila clients, she said they are often modest and feel embarrassed about the personal care they need. Molly shares with them that this is her job and not to feel anything other than loved- she comforts them and makes them feel respected even in the most challenging of situations.

Molly thrives on bringing her clients joy, “One of my clients was very ill, and I became close with the entire family. I’d sing and dance for her, and when her time came, I sat with her daughter and family, and softly sang and we wept together. It was a sacred time that I will never forget.”

Another of Molly’s clients lights up and blows kisses every time she sees Molly and says “You are #1!”

So where do Molly’s delicious treats come into play? “About 5 years ago I was helping a friend bake food for a party and I dipped some fruit in chocolate and it was a big hit! My friend’s family loved it and she kept asking me to make treats for other parties. Soon word spread, and I began making all kinds of delicious treats for a lot of people!” Molly makes her treats for holidays like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, as well as birthday parties and other events. She also loves sharing the treats with her Avila clients and their families.

Toute Sweet- Avila Caregiver Molly Hartsfield’s Tasty Treats!

“I always want to strive to do better in every aspect of my life- whether it’s caring for my clients or making treats for special celebrations.”

Molly stays in touch with several former Avila Home Care clients. She says, “They became family when I cared for them, and they will always hold a special place in my heart.” Molly brings them flowers and lunch and they play music and dance together during her visits. Avila client Frank Dickison shares, “Molly was a very good Caregiver! We enjoyed having Sunday breakfast with her when she cared for my wife Barbara. She brought chocolate-covered strawberries to Barbara for Mother’s Day and a bouquet of flowers just last week. We are so glad that she’s stayed in touch.”

Whether sharing her tasty treats or caring for her clients- Molly brings joy wherever she goes- and everything is Toute Sweet!

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