“A Well of Wisdom”
Avila Caregiver Omowumi “Esther” Ajepe’s Story

Esther with Avila Client Janice Searles

Omowumi Ajepe was born in 1978 in the southwestern region of Nigeria, Lagos, where she was raised. “Esther” was her baptismal name, which she now goes by.

When Esther was a girl in Nigeria, she enjoyed going to school. She also loved the company of her grannies when they visited, which is how her love of seniors was inspired and nurtured.

Growing up, Esther wanted to be a medical doctor or a pharmacist, but ended up studying Economics in college due to a delayed admissions process. She especially liked Economics because it is a “social science that helps people.” She took this change in stride, as Esther looks back on that time and says, “life happens.”

Esther and her mother at Christmas

Esther has a passion for helping others, especially for giving help to people who can’t give back. In Nigeria she worked with orphans and other underserved populations through her group in church.

Esther moved to the United States in 2019 to live in Towson with her sister Lade (who is also an Avila Caregiver), because she was seeking a “safe place and peace” from her circumstances in Nigeria. She was very sad to leave her family, friends and community in Nigeria. Esther says, and so “I prayed about where I should go to, and I reflected on the bible passage from Romans 8:28 “And we know that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose.””

Esther and her sister Lade

In May 2023, Esther celebrated her one-year anniversary working with Avila Home Care, and she was selected as Avila’s Caregiver of the Month in March 2023. “One of my favorite parts of working with seniors is getting to drink from the well of their wisdom and experiences- they have been through so much in their lives, and I love listening to them and their families tell stories.”

Emily Young, one of Avila’s wonderful Client Care Coordinators, shares “Talking to Esther always brightens my day here in the office- her sweetness and care for others shines through. It’s clear how much love she has for her clients, and for the work we all do together here at Avila. Esther truly makes an impact wherever she goes, and we are so lucky to have her on our Avila Home Care team!”

Esther’s first client came to Avila because she needed extra help after a fall. Esther was thrilled that her client was able to eventually get back to swimming and visiting friends.

“Everyone gets old, if they are lucky…and eventually we all leave this life. I cherish this knowledge and do not take it for granted.”

Esther says that she cannot sit idle, “I know God has put so much inside of me- I have so much I can give to help other people!” Since starting with Avila Home Care, Esther has done CMT (Certified Medication Technician) and CPR training, and is preparing to earn her CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) certification.

“Two different Avila clients have held both my hands and said, “You should be a nurse,” and one client followed that by saying “I see your heart.””

“If my Avila Home Care clients ever become sad and miss their families, I refresh their memories that they are not alone. They have wonderful families even if they aren’t there beside them at the moment. And I can be there to make my clients happy until they see their families again.”

Esther, her brother, sister and niece

Esther shares that Avila Home Care is the best organization she has ever worked with. “Avila’s Leadership Team is here to support our clients and Avila’s Caregivers- their communication is clear and precise.” She is grateful for the abundant training opportunities, and that Avila provides an environment in which to grow for Caregivers while also supporting and nurturing their senior clients.

“I believe that God brought me to Avila Home Care, and I am honored to serve every single one of my clients and their families.” Esther is truly a “well of wisdom” herself!

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